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  • If Exchange (managing a domain z) has a user x with display name y and it receives a external message from a<>, it displays the message as if it was from y<>.  We want the display name of a to be retained. 

    The real life example of this is that we run Jira and we need a user called jira with adddres so that JIra can read mail from Exchange that are sent ti it by real users.  Jira also sends emails to real users on behalf of Jira users to notify updates etc.  Jira sends the email from John Doe[] but when it get s displayed. it gets displayed from Jira [] and John Doe's name doesn't even appear anywhere in the Long Header.

    How can we stop this from happening?
    Wednesday, September 9, 2009 12:27 AM

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  • Someone has probably enabled the stripping of the display name when the message leaves your organization.  If you are using E2K7, then use the Exchange Management Console to navigate to Organization Configuration -> Hub Transport.  Click on the Remote Domains tab and then edit the Default Remote domain.  On the Message Format tab, make sure that the "Display Senders Name on Messages checkbox is CHECKED.

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    Wednesday, September 9, 2009 2:27 AM
  • Thanks for your advice.

    I followed it; the tab was called "Format of original message sent as attachment to journal report:" and the "Display sender's name on messages" was already CHECKED.

    The message is actually leaving our organisation; ity is being received by Exchange from outside correctly but the display name entered when passed on to clients.  The behaviour for Outlook Clients is slightly different than that for Mac Clients.  With Outlook the sender name has been changed to Jira in both the Inbox summary and the message; in Mac Mail the name is unchanged in the Invox Summary but chnaged in the message itself.  This last fact is very strange because the correct sender's name does not appear n the Long Header passed on by Exchange at all.  Outlook Web Access behaves the same as Outlook.

    Any other ideas?
    Thursday, September 10, 2009 2:29 AM
  • Hi,

    As my understand,when account John Doe[] send out email,the reciver find the message is from Jira [],is that ture?

    First let me clarify the issue with you:

    1.  Jira also sends emails to real users on behalf of Jira users to notify updates etc.

    What do you mean Jira User? What the relationship between these user and One account used by many user?

    2. What is the relationship between Jira application with Exchange Server?Relay off? Creating from Exchange Server?

    Then please try to use ADSIedit.msc to check the display name of account

    Using ADSI Edit to Edit Active Directory Attributes

    Thursday, September 10, 2009 8:12 AM
  • Hi Xui,

    Thanks for your interest.

    Jira is a thjird party issue tracking program installed as a service.   It has it's own set of users which are mapped to exchange users for authentication purposes only over LDAP.  So when a Jira user updates an issue, the Jira program will send to notifications to other interested Jira users via email.  Jira uses the Exchange SMTP to do this.  It sends the email as Johe Doe [].  However, when the email appears in Outlook for the interested Jira user, the From field is completed as Jira [].  Exchange seems to be changing the display name from John Doe to Jira because it has a user with an email address of with a display name of Jira.

    One obvious solution is to not have the user or change the address of the jira user.  However, Jira uses IMAP to read the Jira mailbox where replies are sent to it; as if a jira user replies to a notification email from, Jira will read the email through IMAP and update the associated issue with the text in the body of the email; we don't want to lose this functionality.

    I hope this answers your questions and allows you to help us.

    I have not used ADSI Edit as I can see all the details through the Exchange Management Console.  Or have I missed something?  Is there something that I need to do in ADSI Edit that I cannot do in EMC?

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    Friday, September 11, 2009 1:09 AM
  • We need to use ADSIedit tool to check and then change the display name of to  John Doe.

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    Friday, September 11, 2009 4:07 AM
  • Hey Mark,

    I just ran into the same problem, specifically with JIRA. I discovered that the issue that I was having was actually Outlook "stripping" the display name.  In reality, Outlook was basically preferring the display name of the contact in the Exchange Address book that had a matching email address (i.e. JIRA =  When I opened the message from JIRA and looked at the Internet headers (File\Info\Properties) I could see that the FROM: address was what JIRA had sent "Jim Roberts (JIRA)" <> .

    BTW, I'm using Exchange Server 2010

    At first I tried just tried removing the email address from the JIRA account, but that produced a "client does not have permission to send" error.  Ultimately, I ended up:

    • Creating a new receive connector with a remote IP address of only my JIRA server and in Permission Groups select "Anonymous Users"
    • And then change the email address for the JIRA user to something other than (also, removing the user altogether worked for me)

    This worked for me,


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