Exchange 2010 Retention policy will not be applied to folder 'Deleted Items' in mailbox


  • A client is trying to enable a retention policy and when he runs it against a mailbox he gets this message.

    Retention policy will not be applied to folder 'Deleted Items' in mailbox ''. Unable to process Managed Content Setting 'Deleted items clean up - 30 days' for the Managed Folder 'Deleted Items'. The RetentionAction is MoveToFolder but the destination folder 'Deleted Items Folder' is the same as the source folder 'Deleted Items'. Please specify a destination folder that is different from the source folder

    Shouldn't the action be moving from Deleted Items Folder to the Recoverable Items Folder (Dumpster)?

    What the client is trying to do is move items in the Deleted Items Folder to the Recovery Items Folder after 30 days of being put in the deleted items. (deleted)
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  • Hi ahokanso,


    For this issue, you can change Action to take when the age limit is reached to “Permanently Delete”.


    Then check it will delete or not.





    Thursday, October 06, 2011 9:43 AM
  • I think I have this figured out.

    What the client was doing was circular. Move an item from deleted items and put it in deleted items. 

    What I believe we need to do is simply delete (empty) items older than 30 days from the deleted items folder. This would move the item to the recovered items folder.

    The normal delete process is.  

    Delete the item which puts the item into the Deleted Items Folder

    Empty the Deleted Items folder (Delete again) which moves the Items to the Recovered item Folder (Dumpster)

    After the retention period (default 14 days) the items are removed from the Recovered items folder and truely deleted and unrecoverable

    Friday, October 14, 2011 7:42 PM