The keys you pressed do not match a recognized extension


  • The Story:

    I have OCS 2007 R2 integrated with Exchange 2007 SP1 connected to Cisco CUCM 6.1

    Currently the Cisco extensions are 6xxx and Microsoft OCS are 7xxx , users from Cisco are able to call communicator and communicator are able to cal Cisco.

    All users are UM enabled with their extensions of 6xxx

    I have created an Auto Attendant and Customized a little bit in it .

    Original Auto Attendant :
    Welcome to the Exchange Auto Attendant. Use the key pad to spell the name of the person you are calling, last name first, or to spell their e-mail alias, press the # key twice. If you know the extension, press the # key

    The Updated Auto Attendant 
    Welcome to Company ABC , please dial the extension of the person you are calling or press 0 for operator 

    Which means that I had to remove the following parts from the Greeting:

    · Name lookup

    ·  The # key

    I used this command Set-UMAutoAttendant -Identity "test" –NameLookupEnabled $false

    Replacing "test" with the name of my Auto Attendant

    The problem

    I need to use this Auto Attendant only to dial Cisco extensions for users who are not on the UM Server , whenever I dial an extension I get "The keys you pressed do not match a recognized extension "

    However if I dialed a Cisco extension for a user who is UM enabled then it dials.

    How can I make it dial non UM enabled user? is ther any way to have indepth logs for the UM to better trace what is happening ?

    Thursday, March 26, 2009 10:42 AM

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