Exchange 2010 Cannot Receive email from Canon Printers


  • Migrated users to exchange 2010. We cannot send scans from Canon copiers. 

    The devices are pointing to new server, dns and domain name are correct. The account used is called I am able to send email to this account. 

    I assume the issue is SMTP transport and assuming Exchange is not allowing email to received from these devices. 

    Could someone help be troubleshoot this. I have anonymous access enabled on my Default Receive connector under Server Config/Hub Transport. We only have one exchange server in the domain with all roles installed (no edge server). We also do not have content filter and spam enabled. 

    I looked in the Transport/logs/protocols/smtp to see if I could find something, but all that I see there is local endpoint (2010) remote-endpoint (2007) 421 4.3.2 service not availabe.



    Thursday, November 18, 2010 6:06 PM


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