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  • I have an Exchange 2010 environment with the Edge role installed on TMG and its working fine.  All servers have had SP3 installed and rebooted.

    I am trying to introduce my first Exchange 2013 server into the environment but the readiness check tells me not all the servers have SP3.  On the Edge server it shows SP3 is installed but from all other Exchange servers it shows SP2.

    Any ideas?


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  • It appears to be an issue with recreating the Edge subscription which will update AD with the new version.  This is causing the Exchange 2013 readiness checker to fail.  I was thinking of moving this to another forum but the resolution needs to be listed here for Exchange 2013 deployments to succeed, so below is my next question.

    I have forced a synchronization which does not update the version in AD using the following example:

    Start-EdgeSynchronization -Server Hub01 -TargetServer Edge03 -ForceFullSync

    The above command succeeded but even after closing and reopening the EMC, the HUB did not show the new version.

    What is the proper way to replace the Edge Subscription?  Delete the old and create the new or vise versa?  Will either solution cause an outage?


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  • I created a new edge subscription and imported it into the HUB and forced a sync.  Everything was successful.  The EMC updated which means AD updated.  The Exchange 2013 readiness checker also passed.  I was also able to immediately able to send/receive email.

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  • For anyone else wondering.  I've done this in my lab, and I didn't have to remove the old subscription, just export the file from your edge server, copy it to any server running emc internally and import it, then force a sync and the version should update.

    1. On edge server open exchange
           powershell and run New-EdgeSubscription -FileName
    2. Import edge file
           into new server

    need to be assigned permissions before you can perform this procedure. To see
    what permissions you need, see the "EdgeSync" entry in the Transport

    1. In the console tree, navigate
      Organization Configuration > Hub Transport.
    2. In the result pane, click the

    3. In the action pane, click New Edge
      . On
      New Edge Subscription page, complete the following fields:
      • Active
              Directory site
        Browse, and then select an Active
              Directory site in the drop-down list. This field identifies the Active
              Directory site where the Hub Transport server is connecting to the Edge
              Transport server for which the Edge Subscription exists.
      • Subscription
        Browse, and then select an Edge
              Subscription file.
      • Automatically
              create a Send connector for this Edge Subscription
              this check box to automatically create a Send connector that routes
              messages from the Exchange organization to the Internet. The Edge
              Subscription is configured as the source server for the Send connector.
              The Send connector is configured to route messages to all domains by
              using Domain Name System (DNS) MX resource records.

    4. Click New to create the new Edge
    5. On the Completion page, review the following,
           and then click
      Finish to close the wizard:
      • A status of Completed indicates that the wizard
              completed the task successfully.
      • A status of Failed indicates that the task
              wasn't completed. If the task fails, review the summary for an
              explanation, and then click
        Back to make any configuration changes.

    1. Start-EdgeSynchronization
           -Server Hub01 -TargetServer Edge03 -ForceFullSync

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