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  • Hey people,

    I've been trying to troubleshoot an issue involving outlook 2007 taking around 15-20 minutes to load up when windows boots. The computer in question logs into a domain and then connects via exchange for outlook. This issue has persisted across 4 laptops, and 2 windows domain accounts. The error message that appears is:

    “outlook did not close properly therefore need to repair data files”

    Also each time the user tries to log off the computer the 'end task' dailog box appears for outlook.exe

    I've tried the following
     - created new outlook profile
     - the outlook /cleanfreebusy thing
     - checked dns settings  to ensure they are connecting locally and not in some other country

    Another issue that is occuring is the user can only view delegates calendars for a limited amount of time, after closing it they can not open it again and recieve the following error message.

    "The messaging interface has returned and unknown error. If the problem persists, restart Outlook."

    Also with the Calendar the user is seeing different bookings in the delegates calendar vs the scheduling when sending meeting requests.

    And finally, the users .OST file usually expands at a rather alarming rate, going from around 500MB to near 2Gig in about 30days, after which point the user's profile needs to be recreated to allow normal use (normal to them anyway) of outlook.

    The only thing that seems to speed things up is getting the user to login with no network connectivity, loading outlook and then connecting to the network. However it still takes around 5 or so minutes to have outlook ready for user (after synching to exchange etc).

    The user has 2 large .pst files opened through their profile.

    I hope I've given enough info to help you guys solve this so any ideas on what to do?

    Thanks in advance,


    Wednesday, April 23, 2008 12:38 AM

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  • Hi All,

    Please help.  I am having exactly the same issues with 2007.

    I have approx 50 users that have severe performance degradation on boot 15-20 mins and also performance issues surrounding outlook.

    I have tried everything I can think of but to no avail, including al that has been posted above.

    Any suggestions would be helpful.

    Manky Thanks,

    Tuesday, February 10, 2009 5:09 PM
  • We are experienceing the same issues here!  I have disabled all add-ins, defraged, and my mailbox is less than 1GB.  Further, my system has 2GB of ram, and a Core 2 Duo processor.

    This, and IE8 are the only two applications suffering performance issues.

    Friday, May 08, 2009 7:21 PM
  • Hi Brad,

    I recommend that you uninstall Windows Search 4 and disable the indexing service from running on all machines.

    Also installing Office 2007 SP2 appears to make a massive difference to the general performance of the entire office suite.

    I hope this helps,

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    Friday, May 08, 2009 9:58 PM