• How can i open the logs that were generated by CRA?

    My issues is that i'm getting some complains that meetings are dis-appearing from calendars. No delegation is set. I configured A/V to exclude exchange folder and database drives. We don't have BB,

    The only potential i can see is that in some instances outlook ver. is diff,
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  • Which versions of outlook are you using? and which versions work? if any..... Have you migrated from an earlier exchange version recently? The clients who have meetings disappear - Remote/local ? Outlook versions? or using phones or another device? any errors on client machines such as certificate errors? connection to exchange is it losing connectivity with clients intermittently? Have you created new mail profiles for users with issues? please post any logs from client machines related to this issue as well as answers to these questions..

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  • The following kb would be helpful

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  • We migrated from 2003 to 2010 about 2 months ago

    We're kind of all over the place. We have a mix of 2003 and 2010.

    In some scenarios i'm sure that 2003 was directly booking to 2010 calendar. We have a mixture of invites being send out and secreatary going directly to users calendar that is being shared out with her and putting a metting right on that calendar. Not aware that connections are being lost.

    All users are local and as far as i know in online mode. Some of the users do have Mobile devices so that might be another possibility.

    No Cert. errors. I will enable outlook logging on those devices. Profile was re-created on one of the users so far.

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  • Khoj,

    thanks for the link

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  • Have you tried running the command on the client machines with issues to clean rules and free busy?

    from run type:   outlook.exe /cleanfreebusy

    and outlook.exe /cleanrules

    outlook.exe /rpcdiag this will run rpc diagnostic and tell you rpc connection status

    the clean rules will delete any rules or free busy data and re-sync or add free busy data-- calendar, OAB etc. see what comes from running these....

    One other thing to note is outlook 2003 users will only be allowed to view 2 months of meetings or calendar data. This is a known issue and microsoft does not plan on fixing...

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  • didn't get a chance to do that yet. I'm hoping to jump on that workstation tomorrow and enable loggin as well as run clear commands.

    As far as i can gather that meeting invite was sent maybe up to a week ago. They made a statement that it appeared or they thought that it did but than dissapeared after a while.

    I'm still trying to verify an outlook version of the originator. Hopefully i will have a bit of a clearer picture tomorrow.

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