How can I sync calendar entires between 2 separate mailboxes on the same Exchange 2010 mailbox server


  • Environment Summary

    Exchange 2010 with the following accepted domains

    • (main company domain)
    • (recently purchased company domain)

    Problem Summary

    User with a mailbox associated with each domain needs to sync all calendar entries between both mailbox calendars in order to avoid being double booked due to internal meeting invites going to just one account.

    Problem Detail

    I have a user who has 2 separate email accounts on our Exchange server associated with 2 separate email domains (e.g. and The reason being is that company purchased company and this user needs to be able to schedule meetings and reply under the both company names (so cannot be an SMTP Alias for The problem they are running into is that internally this user is getting meeting invites to one account when they are already booked for a meeting on the other account.
    What I’m looking for is some way to sync accepted meetings between the calendars in these two separate mailboxes on the same Exchange server.

    I've seen forum posts on using Live-Exchange Calendar Sync, but it appears to work only for mailboxes on two separate Exchange servers. (Unless I’m misinterpreting the documentation)

    I also looked into just forwarding all emails to both accounts, but that obviously duplicates emails. Also since the user needs to reply from either account having the email duplicated to both could lead to the user replying to the wrong email from the wrong account

    I’m currently having each account forward all meeting invites to the other so the user can accept or decline on both accounts. I’ve tried to have them auto accept any forwarded messages from the other but Exchange 2010 doesn’t seem to allow you to do so with the server side rules. The user in question is using Outlook 2011 for Mac.

    Thursday, November 01, 2012 3:23 PM

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