OAB: Resolving mailbox name incorrectly (online works fine)


  • Hi,

    We are running a single Exchange 2010 server with CU16. All clients are Outlook 2010 on Windows.

    We just noticed a problem whereby when using Outlook in cached mode, if we type "rec" in the 'To:' field of an email and hit 'check names' it gets resolved to a users mailbox "Joe Bloggs", whereas it should get resolved to "Reception".

    When not using cached mode the issues does not appear and following the same steps above, it correctly resolves to the reception mailbox.

    "Reception" is a valid, normal mailbox which is shown in the GAL, and therefore part of the OAB. I cannot begin to work out what is going on.

    I created a new OAB, with a new name, along side the old one, set it to use public folder and web distribution, set it to pull addresses from the GAL, set it as default, restarted the Exchange SA and Exchange File Distribution services and restarted my test Outlook client, pulled down the new OAB, confirmed it is using this OAB, but the problem still exists.

    According to this article ( the resolution of names works by checking against the LastName, DisplayName, Alias, OfficeLocation, PrimarySMTP & PrimaryX500 Address. I have checked all of these on both mailboxes and there is no similarity or overlap. 

    Any idea what's going on here?!
    Could it be a bug in CU16?

    Thanks in advance.

    PS: There is some correlation between the user that gets resolved and the Reception mailbox... "Joe Bloggs" is actually our receptionist. He (she) has her own mailbox, but also full access to 'Reception'. But around a half dozen other users also have full access to the same 'reception' mailbox.

    PPS: We turned off AutoComplete company wide some years ago, so AutoComplete is not interfering in this.

    Friday, April 21, 2017 7:20 AM

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  • Did you clear the client nickname cache?

    Did you look at Joe Bloggs's properties to verify that no searchable property begins with "rec"?

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  • Andrew,

    is this issue specific to a single user not able to resolve reception mailbox in Outlook cache mode or multiple users?

    when you send an email to reception mailbox, is that email received correctly by the reception mailbox or does it divert to Joe?

    does reception mailbox have a valid legacyexchangedn value? 

    Can you compare display name, Name, mailnickname, samaccountname attributes of both the mailboxes

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