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    We are using a typical Exchange 2007/Active Directory domain environment with roaming profiles here at my work. We have no extra add-ins installed on client machines.

    Every day I'll have at least one user call me up and say that their Outlook has "frozen" when starting it up. I'll go and check their PC and I see that Outlook is simply stuck on the splash screen and never reaches their inbox. I have to force close (alt-f4) Outlook and once I launch it again and click "no" to safe mode, it loads up perfectly fine. It seems entirely random. A user will encounter the problem one day, go a week without seeing it, and then it will happen again another day.

    We don't allow the use of archive files in our environment either, so it cant be that.

    Originally I attributed this to the user's shortcut pointing to "All Users" rather than their own profile. However after changing their shortcuts it still happens.

    I've checked many places/forums online which experience a "hang" type issue but still have not found a fix.

    Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!
    Wednesday, March 04, 2009 5:20 PM

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  • No quick answer but here are some thoughts:
    • When the Outlook splash screen is up - is the icon by the clock there yet?  If so, press ctrl and right click on it.  you'll have an option to view connection status.  This shows you exactly what Outlook is doing on a network level and may be able to help you isolate the issue.
    • You say you fix the problem by pressing alt+f4.  This isn't an override of any kind, it is just another way to close the application, which makes me think it may not be stuck after all.  I've seen it before where there is some sort of dialog box "hanging around" behind a splash screen and users cannot see it to act upon it.  try ctrl+ tab (not alt+tab) and see if it switches to another window where you can click or type something.
    • You said users do not use archive files, but how are they connected Exchange?  Are they using cached mode?  How big is their mailbox?  Could you delete the ost file and let it rebuild?
    • What does task manager say.  Is Outlook using a lot more RAM or CPU than you think it should?  How much?
    • You mentioned no Outlook add-ins, but What about Antivirus?  Maybe its stuck scanning the OST or another file?  Can you disable AV and try again?
    • When you close the program, look in the system application log.  Are there any related entries?

    Mike Crowley: MCT, MCSE, MCTS, MCITP: Enterprise Administrator / Messaging Administrator
    Thursday, March 05, 2009 3:44 AM