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  • Hello Microsoft team

            I have a question to you about enable bit locker function on system drive because I can't enable it, but I don't know that must be who is contact for explain for me because I have already contacted to Microsoft support team but they're have suggestion to contact you for technical support.

            About my trouble is to I can't create a password for protection system drive but can create at another drive.

            The method for Microsoft team suggestion me as below and I have completed on they're suggestion but not work.

    Please suggestion to me for this troubleshoot.

    Thank you very much for you support in the advance.



    Dear Customer

          Open gpedit.msc.
          Navigate to Computer Configuration → Administrative Templates → Windows Components → BitLocker Drive Encryption → Operating System Drives.
          Set the following policy options:
          Require additional authentication at startup:
          Allow BitLocker without a compatible TPM: Checked
          Configure TPM startup: Do not allow TPM
          Configure TPM startup PIN: Require startup PIN with TPM
          Configure TPM startup key: Do not allow startup key with TPM
          Configure TPM startup key and PIN: Do not allow startup key and PIN with TPM
          Allow enhanced PINs for startup: Enabled
          Configure use of passwords for operating system drives:
          Configure password complexity for operating system drives: Allow password complexity
    And for non-system drives, be sure to have the following checkbox set:

          Navigate to Fixed Data Drives.
          Configure use of passwords for fixed data drives
          Require password for fixed data drive: Checked
    Friday, October 23, 2020 7:12 AM

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