Possible to setup multiple reply from addresses in the same Outlook profile?


  • Exchange 2003 std w/ Outlook 2003 clients.

    Setup a public human resource email address (hr@company.com) and an internal distribution group which the emails go to several different HR staff.  It works great in that the email comes directly into the HR staff's own inbox, but the problem comes when one HR staff replies, and the reply from address shows the particular staff's own address such as JDoe@company.com instead of hr@company.com.  Is there a way in Outlook 2003 or Outlook 2007 that allows the user to select a different reply from email address other than the default?

    I know I can create a 2nd profile in Control Panel - Mail, but we will have muliple groups for different public emails, and would like to avoid setting up addition profiles for each individual staff.

    Thanks in advance.

    Friday, September 17, 2010 3:10 AM

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  • No, Its not possible, Why you not create generic mailbox (mailbox with disable AD account) and provide access to all HR members so they can access mailbox and use same SMTP address to reply mails.

    Advantage of Generic Mailbox :

  • This mailbox can be made accessible by a group of persons,
  • It makes it easier for the customer to remind the email address,
  • It has the advantages of a SPOC (single-point-of-contact),
  • In case someone of the group is out-of-office, on holiday, retired, ... everything continues working,
  • It is possible for group members to send an e-mail from their own mailbox, but "on behalf of" the generic mailbox. This allows for   personalisation while it guarantees that replies all end up in the generic mailbox.



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