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  • Hello Community I need some help.

    I want to create and publish the following software with app-v 5.1 for our school environment:


    Download Link: https://beook.ch/downloads/setup/win64/beook_win64_install_6.4.4.exe

    It's a ebook reader for digital learning. Sequenzer process went trough fine and I get a APP-V package as an output. Inside the sequenzer everything seems to start well, but when I try to publish the package on a client and start it afterwards I get no reaction. Even the splash screen that should pop up on start did not appear.

    Inside the package root, there is a file called beook.ini. If I open that file there is a very large configuration line:

    -vm jre\bin\javaw.exe -startup plugins/org.eclipse.equinox.launcher_1.5.700.v20200207-2156.jar --launcher.library
    plugins/org.eclipse.equinox.launcher.win32.win32.x86_64_1.1.1100.v20190907-0426 -nl de_DE --cluster-release -vmargs -Xms256m -Xmx800m -XX:+UseParallelGC -XX:PermSize=128m -XX:MaxPermSize=512m -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 -Djdk.http.auth.tunneling.disabledSchemes=

    It seems that a javaw.exe binary file is loaded with a bunch of parameters.

    Has someone experience with APP-V packages that load one or more jar files with a java binary (javaw.exe) that is stored inside the package?

    I'm really stuck. Would be great if someone has time to analyze that or get it to work. I'm thankfull for every suggestion.

    Thanks in advance and kind regards


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  • Have you try to sequence the JRE as a standalone package and your app as another package, and put them inside a connection group? which seems to be a cleaner approach compares to put them all together.

    Tuesday, September 1, 2020 5:03 AM
  • Thanks for your suggestion,

    I had the same in mind, but it's not possible as they use an Open JDK binary (with a hardcoded path) instead of the classical JRE.

    It could be a path problem, but it looks much more weird to me when I've a closer look to the registry:

    They start a batchfile (startApp.cmd) and this batch file executes another powershellscript then to load the application...

    I'll try to do some more tests, but if I didn't get it to work with APP-V, maybe I've to find another way to provide this application.

    Let me know if there are more ideas how to fix that...

    Kind regards,


    Thursday, September 3, 2020 9:29 AM