Authentication popup when trying to access the OAB file


  • Doing some regular testing I realized that I wasn't able to access to access the oab.xml file when going through the virtual name that we use to front our load balancers. generates an authenication popup.  None of my domain credentials work even the elevated one (Domain Admin, Exchange Admin, Enterprise Admin).  If I access the file throught a CAS server directly https://casserver.domain.local/OAB/c8fd2e92-dbe6-4061-a993-bc3c2ff829eb/oab.xml I get access to the file.

    What I've noticed is that if I disable "Use Windows Authentication" (clear checkbox and restart IE) I am able to get to it through the first link.

    Even with it turned on I'm not having any trouble downloading the OAB through Outlook and the Autoconfig test from Outlook is fine too.

    The CAS servers are configured to use Alternate Credentials and all the required spns' have been added to that account.

    I've changed my Host file to point directly to a CAS server to take the Load Balancer out of the equation and I'm getting a similar result.

    Thursday, February 23, 2012 1:16 PM