Exchange 2010 Without SSL


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    We have Exchange 2003 running in our environment. We are planning to upgrade to Exchange 2010. In the current environment we do not use any certificates installed to secure Exchange services (OWA, ActiveSync, Outlook). When users are on Internet, they first dial into a SSL VPN appliance (Juniper device) to connect to Intranet and then access the Exchange 2003 services. Since we now want to install Exchange 2010 into existing Exchange 2003 organization we have to setup co-existence and want to keep the same topology (VPN Access from Internet). From this description there are questions that I need to clarify before thinking of deployment:

    1. Can Exchange 2010 be installed and operated without SSL certificate?
    2. If yes, how can we ensure ActiveSync and Outlook Anywhere, Autodiscover access from the Internet?
    3. Will this be a challenge from co-existence stand-point (Legacy Name etc..)?
    4. What are the services those cannot work without SSL configuration?
    5. Is there an official statement from Microsoft that states “It is not supported”?


    Taranjeet Singh


    Tuesday, June 12, 2012 5:23 PM

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