Get rid of E2k3 object in AD and Install E2k7



    Hi, there:


    I join an organization to do this Domino-->Exchange project.


    They currently use Lotus Notes, decided to move to Exchange and deployed test E2k3 into production AD(W2k3 with SP1),after that they reformatted the hard drive of E2k3 server(NOT UNINSTALL E2k3 server!!), so the production AD at this moment is still populated with E2k3 object and the AD schema is still extended with E2k3 by E2k3 installation,


    Now they decided to use E2k7 instead of E2k3, The question is:


    1): Can it be possible to run E2k7 setup on this production AD without getting rid of the change in AD made by previous E2k3 installation?


    2): How can we totally get rid of the change to AD made by previous E2k3 installation (In other word how can we cleanup AD and totally get rid of Exchange 2003 object in AD) and start installing first E2k7 in this environment?


    Appeciate your help.



    Thursday, January 17, 2008 11:25 AM

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