PLEASE HELP....Locked out of all of my apps. Don't have any authentication codes or backup codes to get into my apps. RRS feed

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  • I attached multiple apps to the google authenticator app and before I switched phones, I deleted the codes. I thought it would make it to where I wouldn't need the codes to login anymore/ remove the two factor authentication so all I would need to do is login with the one password I created. Now I am locked out of all my accounts because I do not have any of the codes or any type of backup code. I also can't re-add the apps or anything to the authenticator because I cant login to them to get the QR codes or secret passwords. All I want is to just get into my apps, is there anyway to remove the two factor authentication or get the codes back somehow just so I can login??? If someone could please please help, it's extremely frustrating. Is there anything that can be done or are all of my accounts just lost now? If I would've known this would happen I would have never used the app in the first place. 
    Sunday, December 13, 2020 3:27 AM

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