How to set a retention policy on a shared mailbox in outlook 2010 or owa 2010


  • Hello everyone,

    We have exchange 2010 SP1 and outlook 2010 SP1. Some mailboxes are of the type shared mailbox with full acces rights to users and the shared mailbox is archive enabled.

    Some users want to set retention policies (using the policy tags that were defined in exchange emc: organisation/mailbox/retention policy tags) on the shared mailbox in outlook 2010. This works fine with their primary (own) mailbox, but the option to set retention policies is gone when trying to do this on shared mailboxes.

    In outlook 2010: rightclick on a folder, choose properties, choose policy tab. In outlook the policy tab is missing in the properties of a shared mailbox.

    In owa: rightclick on a folder, choose a retention policy. In owa rightclicking on a folder in a shared mailbox the option retention policy is not visible.

    Is this by design, or am I doing something wrong?

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    Tuesday, February 28, 2012 2:03 PM


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