Annoying upgrade pop up


  • Please refer to previous service request # 1382644249. About a month or two ago, when I log into my Microsoft Outlook email account there is a very annoying pop up that appears in the left hand part of the screen when all my folders I have created show up. This continuing pop up has a red background and is worded 'UPGRADE TO PREMIUM'. I have just ignored it until recently and I decided to see what it was about, clicking on it takes me to a page where there are three offers to pay a fee to use the email services without the advertisements from anyone. Because there is no option to decline and choose to not keep receiving this offer it is just a hard sell tactic to make a email user start paying to use the service and get rid of the annoying pop up. I am making my complaint here so Microsoft can at least include some kind of decline option with maybe a'Remind Me In Six Months to a Year Again'.

    Friday, April 21, 2017 8:03 AM

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