Folder creation location and performance considerations?


  • I have a couple of users who are PA's to senior staff using Outlook 2010. Problem I have is that when Outlook opens two mailboxes that each contain multiple folders we experience various issues revolving around Event ID 9646. I know there is a reg hack that increases the folder limit but I'm loathe to try this without exploring further options.

    Lets take one of our users for example. They have 648 folders created under their Inbox folder. I want to know if it would make a difference if we were to move these folders to the root of the users mailbox? And if it would be worth splitting them in to 5 separate folder to have a structure similar to this:

    • A to D (relevant subfolders under this main folder and so on for the rest)
    • E to I
    • J to N
    • O to S
    • S to Z

    This would be a huge one time pain for the user in question and only worth doing if:

    1.       it stops future 9646 server errors
    2.       reduces load on the server

    Can anyone confirm or perhaps suggest a different way to cut this cake? And no, the users will not consolidate their folders to reduce them – I’ve already asked!

    Monday, February 20, 2012 11:15 AM


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