Office for Mac 2011 using exchange server/password issues


  • Installed Office for Mac 2011 w/company's exchange server.  No problems with set up. I receive/send emails, calendar, etc with no problem.  However, every few minutes I get asked to input my password.  I choose "remember my password in keychain."  But a few minutes later I get the same message and my password has disappeared from my settings.  Spoke to IT and they confirmed all of the server settings.  Side note, when using Office 2010 in Windows 7, no issues at all.  Using MacBook Pro (Lion)-had same issue with Snow Leopard.  Running Parallels 6 on my Mac to get Windows environment (this is where Office 2010 works perfectly).  Goal is to use Mac completely for Outlook.
    Friday, August 12, 2011 4:57 PM


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