User with full access denied access to mailbox via OWA


  • We are running Exchange 2007 SP1. I have created a mailbox that multiple users will be given access. I created a universal security group and added the appropriate users to the group. I have given the group full access to the new mailbox.

    Users are able to open the mailbox from Outlook 2007, but when they sign into OWA with their own credentials and try opening the new mailbox they are given an access denied. The work around was to give each user's account full access to the mailbox in order for them to be able to open it in OWA.

    I know that there is an issue with the setting of the time zone. I have set the time zone to the new mailbox and the users were still not able to access. They were only able to access after i added them in individual accounts to the full mailbox permissions.

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    Wednesday, April 18, 2012 3:24 PM


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