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  • Hi,

    Below is the scenario

    - Project schedule is baselined

    - Work Actual are reported for 10% of the activities

    It is at this stage it is realized to change the linkages, wherein linkages are updated thereby.

    Post which it is needed to assess the project forecasted duration and finish date post actuals removals

    Thereby I am finding issues as post actuals removals the project finish is reflecting as 4 years while the initial project was created for 1 year and is delayed by only 1 quarter.

    Please guide how can I fix this

    Thursday, July 2, 2020 2:44 PM

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  • Scott NYC,

    Sorry but your scenario description is not very clear. One that is clear, you did baseline and that is good.

    You say that "actual work" is updated for 10% of the activities. It's not clear if that means only 10% of the tasks in your plan have started and therefore have an actual start date or if some tasks have 10% shown for the field Percent Work Complete.

    You mentioned that at some point the plan was revised to change task dependencies. For reference, if a task has started any predecessors shown for that task are null and void (i.e. no longer matter). Also, there should never be any linkages on summary lines, predecessors or successors.

    Then you mention something about removing actuals. What exactly does that mean?

    If your plan is now showing a finish date pushed out 3 years, I suspect the "updated linkages" were done incorrectly and that needs to be revisited. For starters, if you have any linkages on summary lines, remove those.

    However, without a more clearly defined scenario, we'd just be guessing at what went wrong.


    Thursday, July 2, 2020 6:05 PM