re DOS MODE ERROR R6034'33,32,31,30,28,27,26,25,24


  • I cant open my programmes ,on start up ,each programme (i think)page comes up in gobeldy gook ,saying about dos mode .
    It all started when i upgraded to windows 7 then IE8  and silverlight was downloaded it worked and other programmes asked me to download something about abdo (or someing like that ) add   on programmes for blogging and ever since it's not allowed me to open programmes apart from my favourites ,all other programmes are gobely gook, one or two pages (on start up) bring up these pages ,one for each programme i think that starts up opens ,one says unable to open console device ,heap error and most say a programe has made an attempt at loading c  runtime library incorectly,and initialize the crt more than once. most of these might be my blundering about .
    My own 0bservations is that the programmes were for professional it people and i may have opend things i should not have ,
    so i cant use  recovery  ,or system restoe as it wont allow it to open ,even after using the windoows 7 new prog it still wont allow me to open anything from my desktop or any files
    Alex MacDonald
    Saturday, December 26, 2009 9:12 PM