OWA Error :-( something went wrong


  • Hi I'm facing this problem since days now and I've spent a lot of time searching and troubleshooting with no luck. 

    • DC: Windows Server 2012
    • Exchange: Exchange Server 2013 CU2 V2 (with its security updates), installed on Windows Server 2012.

    Exchange Server / OWA was working fine after the installation and configuration for about two months and then this error occurred. Whenever going to https://ExchangeServer/owa it prompts you for the credentials and when logging in you'll get the error page ":-( Something went wrong" error code 500. ECP is working fine, the problem is only with OWA.

    Troubleshooting (with no luck),

    • Recreated ECP, OWA, EWS Virtual Directories, and resetted the Autodiscover virtual directory.
    • Created a new self signed certificate and use it with the exchange services.

    When using "Test-WebServicesConnectivity" I'm getting Scenario EWS: GetFolder Failure. And in the Get-HealthReport OWA.Protocol alertValue showing "Degraded" and OWA alertValue "Uknown", EWS.Proxy and EWS alertValue "Degraded".

    Please advice and thank you in advance.

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