Scan attachment from copy/printer goes into Junk email folder in outlook 2010


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    Some users within the organisation encountered issue while sending scan attachment from copy/printer goes into Junk email folder in outlook 2010. The outlook is in the terminal services. Only emails with scan attachment are having this issue, the other emails still working fine.

    Tentatively I have configured the particular user's outlook 2010 Junk email option with adding @mydomain.com in the safe senders and it managed to stop the issue for the particular users.

    Secondly I have taken another step to control this behaviour with creating a transport rule in the Exchange server as below

    Apply rule to messages

    when the From address matches '@domain.com'

    set the spam confidence level to '0'

    But it doesn’t make much impact as the number of user complain regarding this is keep increasing day by day. I assume of now this is nothing relate with Exchange server setup as email can arrive to user outlook but then the outlook is misbehave and threat that scan document from the user as junk email and put that into junk folder.

    Do we any solution for this ?

    Can this cause by latest patches, the scanning device setting, terminal service or etc?

    In meantime I have thought of deploy the save senders setting to all outlook users in the organisation through GPO. But I am having some complication to do so due to lack of knowledge on GPO.

    I managed to find how can deploy the outlook 2010 junk mail setting through GPO. We need to download the outlook 2010 Administrative template and copy to central store of GPO Administrative templates C:\Windows\SYSVOL_DFSR\domain\Policies\PolicyDefinitions, but the SYSVOL folder in my environment is not updated. When I check Microsoft articles it suggest to upgrade the SYSVOL replication from NTFRS to DFSR (http://www.virtuallyimpossible.co.uk/migrating-sysvol-replication-from-ntfrs-to-dfsr/)

    I want to know if this is safe to update in this way or is there any other method to copy the admin template without making any changes in the current replication setting so I can do the configuration for the outlook 2010 junk folder? Honestly I lost touch on Active Directory stuffs for so long, hence need help on this



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