Stopping round-robin provisioning in Exchange 2010 Hosted ECP


  • I am trying to keep our customer's data in their own exclusive databases on our new Exchange 2010 Hosted server, but when a new user is created in the ECP, it round-robins to other databases.  We set databases up for each customer, and we want all users set up for that customer to go into their own database.  If we have to take a database offline for maintenance, we only want to have to notify one customer.  How can we keep these separate?  If I remove all of the databases from provisioning, the ECP can't set any users up at all, and that's not acceptable.  I have left one database open for provisioning, but that means I'll have to be going in there all the time and moving new users set up by the customers over to their databases.  I don't want to have the customers always send me their new users for me to set up using the EMS, but that's the only way I've found so far to specify the database.  Is there any way to set a default database for an organization so that any users set up in that organization will be stored there?
    miércoles, 14 de marzo de 2012 16:57

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  • No, there isn't. And there is a school of thought (that I subscribe to) that says putting one customers mailboxes in one database isn't a good thing. You have one issue, you take down one tenant. A less impactful plan is to spread the mailboxes across all your databases. You lose one database you lose a small percentage of users in each tenant, not one entire tenant. Personally I think that's a much better approach.  
    viernes, 16 de marzo de 2012 6:05