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  • Hello everyone,

    I got some problems getting the password recovery for Windows Mobile devices working. I am currently using an Exchange 2007 SP1 (Patch Rollup 8). I have configured a Mobile Device Policy, which enforces a simple password with 6 characters, device encryption and "Enable Password Recovery". The policy is pushed correctly to my Windows Mobile 6 device, which is an HTC Advantage X7500 (Athena). However, I cannot retrieve a "device password" through the "Mobile device" dialog in my Outlook Web Access. Also the option to reset the password is not available on the login screen of my WinMo device (greyed out).

    I could reproduce this problem with a newly configured test environment. I also tried another mobile device, an HP Data Messenger running a Windows Mobile 6 image.

    Has anyone an idea, what is going wrong here? Any help is welcome!

    Greetings from Germany,
    martes, 07 de julio de 2009 12:37

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  • Your Password Rest option is Greyed out... this means you have the correct version of Windows Mobile 6.1x. This is usually the first problem.
    There aren't many documents outlining Password Recovery in Exchange 2007 (Although, I'm sure somebody is going to prove me wrong). There are a few articles about mdm Password Rest that you might want to read Configure Password Reset in MDM. This should give you some very good troubleshooting ideas.

    There is a detailed mdm troubleshooting post on password reset. I've outlined some of the device side registry entries you need to look out for.

    Password recovery can be initiated by locking and unlocking your phone! Give that a try.

    Cheers Wayne

    jueves, 09 de julio de 2009 3:05
  • You set the "Enable Password Recovery" in the ActiveSync Policy. Make sure you assign that policy to your Exchange account. Have you applied the policy to your users ? Check the Mailbox Features for your users to see if the policy is correctly set. In the Mailbox Features tab, select Exchange ActiveSync and click properties. New accounts have this blanked out rather than set  to default. Click browse and choose the correct ActiveSync Policy that has the "Enable Password Recovery" set.

    Cheers Wayne

    viernes, 10 de julio de 2009 2:09
  • Hello Wayne,

    thanks for your reply. As you mentioned, the policy is applied to the particular users. I also notice, that parts of the policy are working. For example, the device encryption is turned on and a password has to be set as configured in the policy. In addition, I synchronized my test device several times (through Wireless LAN or the connection sharing of the Windows Mobile Device Center). Also reboots did not help.

    At the moment I am taking a look at the articles you linked in your first post. I guess I have to examine the device registry at some point ...

    Greetings from Germany,

    viernes, 10 de julio de 2009 7:49