Performance Issue with OWA (large amount of Folder and subfolder)


  • Hi,

    We encounterperformance problems with OWA.

    Indeed, manyusers haveabout two hundredsfolders and subfolders.

    Here's how toreproduce the problem:
    Inowa,right click onan email.
    Clickon"Move to".
    At this point,thewindow listing thetarget folderstakes about40 secondsto display.

    Thetests were conductedon the LAN,WAN,on multiple computers(IE7,IE8 andIE9,Firefox),WinXP ProorWin7Pro.
    In all casesthe problemappears.

    Ifthesame operationis repeatedjust after the first one (within a fewseconds)thewindowis displayedinstantly.

    We assumea performance issueonOWAAJAX requests while listing folders of amailbox.

    How toimprove this?
    Can a configuration/parameters changesolve that ?
    Has someonealready encountered this problem?
    Howhashedone to resolve it?

    Thank in advance for your reply.

    mardi 21 février 2012 11:47


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  • We assumea performance issueonOWAAJAX requests while listing folders of amailbox.

    Have you installed custome build application on the server? What do you mean by OWAAJAX, do you have any application which is build in AJAX running on the server?

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    mardi 21 février 2012 12:43
  • I don't know exactly if it is AJAX or RPCoHTTP that is used.

    I should say "the Ajax-Like request displaying the folder tree".

    By the way, the "drag'n drop" works perfectly.

    There is no custom App on the server.

    Plus, we have a 16GB RAM server (11GB used)
    mercredi 22 février 2012 04:41
  • We have a similar problem. I have a user with a very large mailbox, at least 50gb. He uses OWA because on 2007 it was faster primarily because of the page view and not loading the entire folder. Now, when we open a folder with 50,000 items in it, there is a delay. It's hard to reproduce, but he says it takes 20 minutes to open messages. This is on a SAN with SSD drives, different LUNs for information stores and logs, and 32gb dedicated RAM. I don't believe it is server performance.

    DESSAI Imrane, did you find a solution?

    jeudi 14 juin 2012 12:07
  • Unfortunately, I didn't find any solution !

    I've just gave up !

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    lundi 26 novembre 2012 13:10