move OWA theme configration from 2003 to web app 2010


  • i am migrating from exchange  2003 to 2010

    the client is having a modified OWA link that shows the company logo

    so i need to know what is the right way to have the same in the new web app 2010

    lundi 11 juin 2012 09:43


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  • Hi,

    Is it the login and logout pages that are modified?

    If yes - this is the solution:


    lundi 11 juin 2012 09:47
  • thank you

    yes they are, i have bee through this link

    but where i can find the same folder in exchange 2003 to copy the current image :)

    lundi 11 juin 2012 10:07
  • Hi,

    The link explains where the files are located

    "You can find the base theme folder in the Exchange installation directory at \V14\Client Access\OWA\<version number>\themes\base"

    But you can't just copy the image - you need to make some changes, but it should all be explained in the article


    lundi 11 juin 2012 10:31
  • By default, multiple themes are installed when you install the Client Access server role on a computer that's running Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, as follows:

    • .css files -- Define colors, gradients, and fonts.
    • Image (.png) files -- Provide the icons and other graphic elements. If you edit any of the icons, don't change their size. If you change the size of any graphic elements, test your changes to verify that the elements still fit together correctly.

    These files are stored on the Client Access server in the installation directory in \Client Access\OWA\<version>\themes. Each theme is stored in a subdirectory of themes. You can create additional themes by copying an existing theme and modifying the copy. For details, see this document. Hope helps.

    Noya Lau

    TechNet Community Support

    mercredi 13 juin 2012 10:45
  • look like things are not so clear here

    see this is the first time i do this

    the 2 links don not go in details

    for example how can i change the image size that i want to add in the web app link

    can someone please send me a detailed steps

    jeudi 14 juin 2012 11:08
  • here is my OWA 2003 link

    as you can see i have a logo on the top - this is the image i am talking about

    when i add the same image to me new Web App link - the size of the image doesn't fill the whole space on the top i don't know how to fix that - the image is smaller than what it should be

    simply i need to have the same page on my 2010 web app

    1. the background color

    2. the additional text in green

    3. the logo

    samedi 16 juin 2012 08:14
  • or maybe i need to move the imge location see now i am putting in as lgntopl

    how can i put it in the middle i tried to keep it as

    lngtopm but looks like it is in the background

    samedi 16 juin 2012 09:27
  • looks like the table need to have some changes - the picture is always outside the table frame - how can i adjust it to be in the frame
    samedi 16 juin 2012 10:53
  • guys where are you


    i think i need to edit the thing on the HTML level the login.aspx files

    anyone ????

    lundi 18 juin 2012 07:29
  • it is ok my college helped me out and it is done now
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    dimanche 8 juillet 2012 05:44