Remove Exchange 2003 after migration to Exchange 2010


  • Hi,

    I finished a migration to Exchange 2010 lately. The Exchange 2003 server is down for more than a week and everything works fine.

    The procedure to remove the Exchange 2003 server includes deleting the databases, moving PF replicas, moving PF hierarchy, deleting RUS etc....

    My question is regarding the final step, the actual uninstall of the Exchange 2003 using Add/Remove or the installation Media.

    I found the best way is to run the installation media and choose Remove (I don't want to use the dirty way of deleting the server object from ADSIEDIT...)

    I wanted to understand something.... The Exchange 2003 Server is with SP2 and the installation media (I downloaded from Technet) is without the SP2.

    Is it going to be a problem to use the media without the SP2 to uninstall the server? Or... Should I use the SP2 setup (only the SP itself) to run the remove process?

    I couldn't find the answer in the internet...

    Hope someone can help...


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  • No this should not be a problem. We removed Ex2k3 by using the original installation media which also did not have sp2 included.

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  • you need the original media, this should uninstall without any problems, if you do run into errors then you will need to use ADSIEDIT.
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  • Thanks Valveco and DareDevil57!

    Running the uninstall from the original media worked great.

    For others in the same process -

    • Use the correct media edition (Enterprise or Standard), so if you don't know the edition of your Exchange, follow the following KB: . I used Method 2 and found the correct GUID.
    • If you encounter a problem to delete the Mailbox Store because of SystemMailbox users, simply clear the following attributes from these users: homeMTA, homeMDB, and msExchHomeServerName. Than initiate AD replication and on the safe side, run the Cleanup Agent on the Mailbox Store. After that you can safely dismount the DB and delete it.

    Thanks Again!

    jeudi 14 juin 2012 12:11

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