Exchange 2010 chokes with 64gb ram?


  • Hi all,

    We are looking at implementing a new exchange 2010 server into our bussiness,

    However I am unsure if I have specified the right amount of RAM for our server

    We have 240 User mailboxes, and we have alot of email traffic ie users receiving 100 emails in a day and sending/replying to 50, and about 50% of our email averages 150kb

    • IBM System x3650 M4: 1 x Intel Xeon Processor E5-2609 4C 2.40
    • 64gb RAM
    • 2x 300GB SAS 10,000 RPM 6Gbps Hdds

    --Attached to a SAN

    • IBM System Storage DS3524 Express
    • 8 x 600GB 10,000 rpm 6Gb SAS 2.5 HDD

    I heard someone say that 64gb with Exchange 2010 starts to choke and use performance issues? We could double our user base in the next 3 years or we could grow by 50 - we just dont know at this stage, but we would never get more than 1000 user mailboxes

    יום רביעי 02 מאי 2012 06:33


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