migration frm inhouse 2003 to hosted 2010


  • guys i am trying to find some help on how to migrate from inhouse exchange 2003 to hosted exchange sp1 .. but not able to get any help .. can some one please guide how i can start on the same .. and what all info i need to collect before starting the same ...?

    i need to prepare some info for client for the information which i should ask from client before migrating his setup .. guys can you please share your experience what to ask so that i should nto miss any thing and can also take help from your experience and things which i should be careful of ...

    Please share some resources on how you did this migration .. thanks for the time and help

    Happiness Always

    • נערך על-ידי 'Jatin' יום חמישי 08 מרץ 2012 20:40
    יום חמישי 08 מרץ 2012 20:39

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