Retention Policy not working against Room Mailbox Calendar items


  • Hi.   Running Exchange 2010 SP1 for a year or so now.   We've migrated our Meeting Room mailboxes to Room Mailboxes and we'd like to delete Calendar items older than x number of days - mostly to keep the Mailbox filling up with attachments to the meeting and then not accept any more mail.

    We've created a Retention Policy with four tags : MeetingRoom-SentItems, permanently delete after 365.   MeetingRoom-Inbox, permanently delete after 365.   MeetingRoom-Deleted, permanently delete after 180 and MeetingRoom-AllOtherFolders, permanently delete after 1400.     The tags are all assigned to the Policy and the policy is applied to the first Room Mailbox.   The 1400 days is to try and start nuking the oldest items in the first Meeting Room mailbox.

    I made the MeetingRoom-AllOtherFolders tag to try and get the Calendar Items/Appointments and Meetings but they're just not being deleted.   I've got Cancellation Meetings from 2003 still there - some are recurring - but the Recurrence Range End is 2007!     I see an Updated meeting, no recurring, that Ends in Feb 2007.

    I've read and I think the tags I have created should be doing this.   Can anyone provide any help or further reading for me ?


    22 Juni 2012 15:43


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