Mails sent to a user are hard deleted without being read


  • I have checked the forums but seem I could not get anything concrete. We have a user sending an email to another user, but the email just gets a hard delete and the sender gets delete notification immediately. Looking at the recover deleted items, the mail is there.

    -Checked if there any rules, but nothing

    -changed the user to online mode, same story

    -Closed outlook and tried from OWA, same

    -Deleted user profile and re-created it, same story

    -Moved the user to another database, still the same issue

    -We are not even able to recover that mail from deleted items when we try to recover it.

    We have run out of ideas, and this does not happen to all mails, just some. Right now there is the same email we are forwarding to this user from the same sender and just gets hard deleted, when we create a new e-mail or forward something else there is no problem. It happens to just some e-mails according to user. All are Outlook 2010 on Exchange 2010 Rollup 6

    19 Juni 2012 6:56


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  • Anything common about the email?

    Same sender domain?

    Internal email only? External?

    Same email from SAME sender or different senders?

    OWA Junk Email filter off?


    19 Juni 2012 9:01
  • Anything common about the email?

    -I was trying to find about it but nothing wrong with it, I have pasted one of it here

    From: xxxxxxx Sent: Monday, June 18, 2012 10:13 AM To: yyyyyy Subject: RE: 42747 PK iptal odlu



    İlk bildirilen SAS’a ilaveler yapıldı.Bu ilavelerde teslimat sorunu çıktı, tekrar sas oluşturuldu ve sorun uzadı.Erser için irsaliye bekliyoruz, Erdal Arıcın’ın telefonundan Celil’e ulaşıp halletsinler.

    Same sender domain? 

    -Yes same domain, same Exchange server different mailbox database

    Internal email only? External?


    Same email from SAME sender or different senders?

    -From same sender

    OWA Junk Email filter off?


    19 Juni 2012 10:16
  • As a test can you create a transport rule and set the SCL rating for this user as -1, should already be that as it's internal.

    Check what the rating is set.


    19 Juni 2012 11:03
  • We don't use Edge Transport, is there any other way of doing it ?
    20 Juni 2012 10:40
  • On the HUB server.


    20 Juni 2012 11:04
  • We set the SCL rating value for this user -1 on the HUB transport. But we get the same message as below,

    "Your message

       Subject: FW: 42747 PK iptal odlu
       Sent: Thursday, June 21, 2012 8:03:23 AM (UTC+02:00) Athens, Bucharest

     was deleted without being read on Thursday, June 21, 2012 8:40:14 AM (UTC+02:00) Athens, Bucharest."

    the mail goes directly to the "recovery deleted items" folder again.

    21 Juni 2012 5:49
    1. Do you have any MRM/Retensions polices applied to the mailbox
    2. Have you confirmed, this happens only in OWA?
    3. Have you turned off ANY Junk email filtering in OWA?


    21 Juni 2012 8:21
  • There is no MRM/Retensions polices applied to the mailbox, this happen in OWA also. And for the last question, on the user Junk E-mail Settings "Automatically filter junk e-mail" is selected.

    22 Juni 2012 12:27
  • Today the same thing happened with another email. It seems this are forwarded emails from different internal users. May be we could just deleted this users account and recreat it after exporting all the emails to PST

    25 Juni 2012 9:06