Using Exchange Management Console on a laptop


  • I'm trying to run exchange management console on my laptop, rather than remote into the server to do work.  I'm having a couple issues. I was able to get it installed, and its working where i can see everything just fine. The first issue is that I cannot expand the tree to view the configurations, when I am working from home, or basically off of the domain.  Second, when I am here on the domain, all of the fields for any email are locked. I cannot edit them, or add or remove any users.  Can anyone help?
    22 Juni 2012 17:29


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  • Hi

    When you try running the exchange management console on your notebook are you running it with elevated privileges? If you right click on the icon and select "run as a different user" does it give you the same as above?

    22 Juni 2012 17:57
  •  I can run as administrator, but it does not change anything. the results are the same. oh and I am on win7 pro, and its exchange 2010
    22 Juni 2012 18:06
  • have you tried running it with an account that has exchange admin rights? the administrator account you referring to is that the windows administrator account on your local machine? If you hold down shift and then right click on the icon and type in a domain admin account does this work?
    22 Juni 2012 18:08
  • Yes, that works very well. that solves the problem with not being able to edit anything.  do you suppose that will work for connecting when off network as well?
    22 Juni 2012 18:12
  • if you are connected through VPN to your office then it will work but not offline.
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    22 Juni 2012 18:14
  • Ahh well that answers it then. thank you
    22 Juni 2012 18:21
  • its a pleasure.
    22 Juni 2012 18:22