All Rooms AL missing...


  • When migrating mailboxes from ex2k7 to 2k10 using Microsoft Powershell scripts or creating new users through our CP - 'Org1 All Rooms AL' is missing from the showInAddressBook. Migration log shows the successful creation of 'Org1 ABP' which includes 'Org1 GAL', 'Org1 OAL', 'Org1 AL', 'Org1 All Rooms AL'. There is no smoking gun.

    I can manually add the All rooms attribute to showinaddressbook without returning any error.

    Anyone else experience this?

    Patrick de Rover

    2012년 5월 30일 수요일 오후 2:12

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  • Quick-guess: maybe you have several domain controllers and don't specify same "-DomainController" parameter during ALs and ABP creation? If so - that's a replication issue. Either wait or use same domain controller.

    2012년 6월 27일 수요일 오전 11:43
  • Avarchenko,

    The purpose of the DC switch allows you to specify the DC the cmdlet will use to look up the object in Active Directory.

    Patrick de Rover

    2012년 6월 27일 수요일 오전 11:54
  • Sorry - my glitch. I missed you talk about "showinaddressbook" attribute values of newly created users.

    But then why do you expect non-resource mailboxes (as you say "users") will be shown in "All Rooms" address lists?

    Did you try to create new resource mailbox? Does it have All Rooms AL in its showinaddressbook?

    2012년 6월 27일 수요일 오후 12:01
  • I'm not expecting non-resource mailbox to show in the 'all rooms al'. The purpose of 'showinaddressbook' is to give you the actual list of a specific address list, whether it is populated with objects or not. By default, 'default gal', 'org al' and 'org gal' are required for name resolution and authentication. As much as the 'all rooms al' doesn't have any bearing on the functionality it is still applied as part of the ABP. Also, when I migrate mailboxes from 2k7 to 2k10 you can clearly see, the creation of the 'all rooms al' and ABP being applied. With all this happening, why doesn't it show?

    A non hosted exchange platform will show the 'all rooms', 'all groups', 'all contacts' in the address list. 

    Patrick de Rover

    2012년 6월 27일 수요일 오후 12:38
  • Patrick, I'm not understanding the issue. You are migrating room mailboxes and they aren't showing up in the correct AL's? Or something else?
    2012년 6월 29일 금요일 오후 3:22