Exchange 2010 SP1 hosted mode - update to SP2


  • We have Exchange 2010 SP1 in hosted mode. We want to install SP2. I am reading a bunch of conflicting info on the procedural steps.

    1. Will SP2 change any of the functionality of our current hosting mode environment? (i.e. does it break hosted mode)
    2. We have separate role servers (CAS, HUB, MB). I'm assuming I update them in the order CAS->HUB->MB. Is this correct?
    3. I've read that I need to update the AD Schema (and let it replicate) before I install SP2. I'm finding very little info on the actual Schema update. Can someone point me to that update?

    I'll probably have a few more Q's after I get the answers to the above...


    26 aprilie 2012 20:27

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