EX2010 2nd Public Folders removal


  • Greetings,

    I have two EX2010 servers. We’ll call them EX-A and EX-B, the EX-A is our older
    EX2010 server that is being decommissioned for the time being due to Hardware
    Issues it does not have any Mailbox DB’s, but it does still have a dismounted
    Public Folder. EX-B is our new EX2010 server that now has all the MailBox DB’s
    and a new Public Folder on it that has been replicated over from the old one on
    EX-A, the replication was done over the phone with a MS Tech by adding the new
    EX-B to the Replication tab on each folder in Public Folders via the Public
    Folder Management Console. Once replication was complete, we just dismounted
    the old one on EX-A.

    EX-A Public Folders is no longer needed since it was
    replicated to the EX-B, but I need to be able to remove the Public Folder from
    EX-A so that I can remove all the roles and decommission the server. I have
    re-mounted the public folders on EX-A but get this Error:

    What's my best course of action to get rid of the old Public Folders on EX-A and not affect anything going on with Public Folders or anything else on EX-B?

    I had read about a PS script to move replicas, but the data in the EX-A Public Folders is old and was worried about inconsistent data getting replicated. Another options had something to do with ADSIEdit and removing entries there.

    Your advice is greatly appreciated.

    Server SP/RU:

    EX-A – EX2010 SP1 RU 3-v3 (Server has all 3 Roles)

    EX-B – EX2010 SP1 RU 6 (Server has all 3 Roles)

    Thank you for your help and input in this matter!


    7 มีนาคม 2555 19:50