Relay Access control for Exchange 2010 SP1


  • Hello Everyone, 

    We have Exchange 2010 SP1 and Hardware loadbalancer on our environment. Some tools or scripts will use the load balancer to send the SMTP emails to our exchange server. Now, we have created two receive connectors:

    Allow Relay to external

    Allow Relay to internal

    We have added the hardware loadbalancer IP address to allow relay to external at this moment. However, we would like to use the exchange receive connectors to control which server or application are allowed to send the emails to our exchange mailbox. If we put the loadbalancer IP address to allow relay to internal, there may have security issue as everyone can use the load balancer ip address to send the emails without any authentication. Will anyonre have idea how we can use the exchange connectors to control the access?


    Exchange Users

    15 มีนาคม 2555 10:16