The mail profile “Outlook” was created with a newer version of Outlook


  • Hi,

    I've got a problem: when users logon on a machine with outlook 2010 and after logon on a machine with a previus version of outlook (2007 or 2003) receive an error message:

    "The mail profile “Outlook” was created with a newer version of Outlook and might contain information that is not compatible with your current Outlook version. If you experience problems with this profile, you can create a new profile. In Windows Control Panel, open Mail, then click Show Profiles, and then click Add."

    Then Outlook closes automatically!

    The solution that I've found is to delete and recreate the mail profile, or keep 2 different profile (one for outlook 2010 and the second for 2003 & 2007) but it is so boring for me and for users that are not able to switch the profile independently.


    Both with or without cache the problem appears.

    The configuration is:

    - Mail profile type "Microsoft Exchange"

    - no .pst connected

    - Exchange version 2003

    - roaming profile

    - clients are Win XP SP3





    2011年8月12日 8:01


  • To my knowledge, you cannot use the two Outlook versions interchangeably without getting that error.

    Either you have to create a new profile each time you switch. Or else you have to move to Outlook 2010 permanently.

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    2011年8月12日 10:35