Exchange 2012 DAG member fails after SP2


  • Hi All!

    We had 2 exchange 2010 SP1 servers (EX1 and EX2). The were DAG with MB, CAS and HUB roles installed. Before when we turned off 1 of the servers, clients (outlook 2010) automatically connected to the online one. However 2 days ago we applied Exchange 2010 SP2, after this all the clients Connect to EX1 not EX2. If we turn of EX1, then clients keep trying to connect to EX1, but not EX2. Please, advise/

    2012年6月18日 10:34


  • Hi,

    What are you using for load balancing between the servers?

    The load balancer should make sure that only the active server gets the requests.


    2012年6月18日 11:54
  • That is most strange thing. I have never used load balancing. But it was working. How is it possible? And what might be changed since Exchange 2010 sp2 installed?
    2012年6月18日 12:17
  • I found out I may create cas array and then it will give me ability to somehow load balance outlook client requests. However I need some script to update outlook profiles to the new server. Could you please someone,provide it?
    2012年6月19日 5:37