IM address for Mail Enabled Users?


  • Is there a way to specify the IM address for a Mail Enabled User in Exchange 2010 Standard?


    Single company, two main divisions.  All users login to (that's the only A/D domain).  Division 1 uses internal Exchange 2010 Std. and Lync 2010 Std. servers.  Division 2, however, has a different "brand" and all email/communications are  Additionally, Division 2 is completely migrated to Office365 (i.e. no co-existence). 

    We've successfully federated the domains in Lync and can fully communicate.  To make it easier for Division 1 to email Division 2, we mail-enabled the Division 2 A/D user accounts in the on-premise Division 1 Exchange server (the external contact mail-user feature, not actual mailboxes) so that they show up in the GAL.

    This does mean, though, that if a Division 1 user searches for a Division 2 user in Lync, the first thing he comes across is the name, email address and phone number of that mail-enabled user in the GAL, but only the phone -- no Lync presence or "IM-ability."  Even if that user is added to the Lync contacts,   Since the result is found in the Division 1 GAL, it doesn't go on outside to find the Office365 Lync information.

    The work-around (that I'm trying to eliminate) is that if a Division 1 user adds the Division 2 mail-enabled User from the GAL to his local contacts and manually fills in the IM address field, then Lync sees that contact (before the GAL) and everything works fine.  But ideally I'd like the GAL to contain that IM address so that Division 1 users could just "Lync up" from the GAL. Is that possible?

    Note -- I tried adding the SIP email address to the Division 2 mail-enabled users, but that didn't work.

    2012年6月14日 14:02