Send Connector for Anonymous Mail


  • In my LAN I have:
    • EXCHANGE - Mailbox + Hub Transport Server
    • SECURE - Client Access Server
    In my DMZ I have:
    • EDGE - Edge Transport Server
    • WEB - A standard web server
    I want the application on my web server to be able to send mail, so I specified it's SMTP server to be the EDGE machine.  Any email the application sends to addresses in my own domain work fine, but email sent to external addresses (using gmail as a test) are failing.

    Outlook, OWA and everything else is configured correctly through an edge send connector which uses my ISP as a smarthost.

    I've spent quite a few hours to try and get this to work and I'm stuck.  I can't even find any logs or events telling me that external mail failed... so if someone could even point out the right way to troubleshoot this that would be great.
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