publish 2 sharepoint web applications on port 80 with different authentication mechanisms


  • Hi,

    I have 2 Sharepoint web applications I wish to publish via TMG.

    Both are on port 80 with different host headers.

    One application needs no authentication (anonymous) and the other requires ntlm authentication

    via a html form and uses SSL

    The web app that uses SSL and html authentication publishes and works fine.

    I cannot however publish the other web application that is to be published via http and have anonymous access as i cannot reuse the same listener.

    When i try to create a new web listener and then create a new web publishing rule for it I get the message

    ERROR message: A Web listener specifying the same port and similar IP addresses is already used by rule

    The port and IP addresses specified in a Web listener cannot overlap with the IP addresses and ports specified in another Web listener already used in a different rule.

    I would appreciate any ideas to solve this.

    One approach i have considered is moving one of the applications to a different port

    ideas gratefully received



    Montag, 9. Januar 2012 20:58