RDWeb Through TMG Problem


  • Hi,

    Here's my environment:

    TMG 2010 Server set up with an Exchange Publishing Rule to forward SSL requests to my RD Gateway server (server2).  The RD Gateway server then forwards the RD connection to my RD Server (server3).

    Currently it works via the RD Client (set up to use the RD Gateway server).

    When I try to go to I just get a 404 Error.  

    I guess my question is where to install the RD Web Access role?  Currently it is installed on the RD Server (server3) but my TMG Publishing Rule forwards SSL requests to the RD Gateway Server (server2) and I think that when the https request comes in it is just being forwarded to the RD Gateway Server (and /rdweb doesn't exist there).

    Should I install the RD Web Access role on my RD Gateway server?  Or do I 2 Publishing Rules on my TMG?  One for the RPC role and a different one for RDWeb roles?



    Steve Berg

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    Freitag, 30. März 2012 23:25


  • Hi,

    in your environment I recommend to install the RD Web Acccess on the RDG Server

    regards Marc Grote aka Jens Baier - - -

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