TMG Enterprise License and virtualization


  • Hi all

    I know there are 1000+ threads with questions about TMG licensing and virtualization but I haven't found the answer yet. I'm really confused and maybe someone can help me.

    We have a Host-System with two 6Core CPU. We plan to assign 8 vCPUs to the VM.
    We want to buy a TMG Enterprise License (not much time left to do that ;-))

    At a TMG course we were told that with the TMG Enterprise License, we just need 1 license per physical processor available and not for every vCPU we assign to the VM.

    According to many threads I found, this must be wrong. And I also found the following official document:
    "Forefront Threat Management Gateway 2010 is licensed under the processor licensing model, with a license required for each physical or virtual processor accessed by an operating system environment (OSE) running a Threat Management Gateway server."
    So with this statement we would need 8 TMG Enterprise licenses if the VM has 8 vCPU.

    But I also found opposite statements like in this document:
    "With TMG Enterprise Edition, customers need to license only the physical processors and can run the software on an unlimited number of virtual CPUs"
    With this statement we would need only 2 TMG Enterprise licenses if the Host-System has 2 6-Core CPU.
    (although the document looks official, I couldn't find this document on so it might be outdated and the statement isn't valid anymore?)

    And also on this page:
    "Support for unlimited virtual CPUs -> yes"

    Can please someone clarify if I need 8 or 2 TMG Enterprise licenses?
    Is the second document I linked not valid anymore?

    Thanks a lot

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