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  • When trying to access the Remote Access Management Console we get the error "Settings for serverFQDN cannot be retrieved. The cmdlet did not run as expected". Similarly when using PowerShell we get "The cmdlet did not run as expected" using the many of the key cmdlets; "Get-DAServer", "Get-RemoteAccess", etc. Many others however do work and report back.

    DirectAccess is operational, there's no connectivity issues and the group policy with the configuration says it's applied.

    We can't pinpoint when the management aspect stopped working, there was mention that it coincided with one of our first domain controllers being decommissioned but that could be a misdirection.

    I've not found anything particular to this problem and other than risk removing the GPO, removing the config, reapplying the GPO and DA config to see if that causes the management to start working. Below is a sample of the UI trace:

    Trying to get RemoteAccess info
    Invoking cmdlet Get-RemoteAccess without parameter ComputerName or CimSession
    Failed to get RemoteAccess data
    Instrumentation: [RaGlobalConfiguration.Refresh(Server)] Exit
    Configuration Load Failed
    RaGlobalConfiguration.ComputerName.Get returns SERVERFQDN
    Entered Microsoft.DirectAccess.RAMgmtUI.Configuration.RaGlobalConfiguration.Refresh ...
    Entered Microsoft.DirectAccess.RAMgmtUI.Configuration.RaGlobalConfiguration.Refresh ...
    Entered Microsoft.DirectAccess.RAMgmtUI.ViewModel.MainWindowViewModel.Config_ConfigurationLoadedFailed ...
    Entered UpdateBoundData for Root Config page
    Entered UpdateBoundData for DaVpnConfigPageViewModel
    UpdateBoundData for DaVpnConfigPageViewModel - exiting due to missing currentNode

    Thursday, July 25, 2019 7:00 AM

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