Email Policy, How to filter subject line?


  • My TMG server has the exchange 2010 edge role and forefront protection for exchange 2010 installed. I am trying to filter out certain keywords in the subject line.

    Under Email Policy->Virus and Content Filtering there is only body filtering (which works)

    (When you set this up it creates a keyword filter in Forefront protection for exchange, however any settings you edit in forefront protection for exchange immediately get overwritten by tmg's settings)

    Under Email Policy->Spam filtering there is content filtering which is supposed to filter out words you enter in from the whole email message.

    (this doesn't create anything in forefront protection for exchange, so since it doesn't i assume it is not working at all)

    I have setup subject line filters in forefront protection for exchange and it seems they don't work either. Its like forefront protection for exchange is not even getting the messages to scan for these filters to work, it seems email just goes from tmg right to exchange and only uses forefront protection for exchange for its dashboards.



    Wednesday, September 29, 2010 4:53 PM