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  • I am migrating to MIM2016 password synchronization from FIM2010.  The environment is very straight forward domain to domain synchronization.  I have the MIM2016 Sync server up and has fully synchronized the two domains in the metaverse where I can query for accounts in both domains.  I have PCNS up and running on all domains and have verbose logging enabled.  I have added the MIM sync server as a target.  I can see the password change events in the log and the successful entry for the password synchronization task being targeted at both systems.  I see on the FIM2010 it gets the event and goes through the sync tasks.  On the MIM2016 syn instance there is absolutely nothing int he logs.  I can see with Wireshark the domain control that is logging the PCNS activity that it is communicating with the MIM2016 system.  How do I even begin to see what the issue is with absolutely nothing in the logs on the MIM2016 sync server?  The Domain Controller with PCNS has logged that it was successfully deliveredthe task to all targets.

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    Monday, October 14, 2019 12:56 PM

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  • Just to comment on one more thing... The MIM2016 Sync server does have Password Syn enabled in the options and the source domain management agent has Password Syn enabled and targeting the destination domain.  I have configured the SPN correctly with it being tied to the domain account running the Sync Service.  Again I am just at a loss of how there are no log entries on the synchronization server showing the receipt of the task and any failures.

    Is this not the correct registry key to adjust logging?


    FeaturePwdSyncLogLevel  (DWORD) 

    • 0 = Minimal logging
    • 1 = Normal logging (default)
    • 2 = High logging
    • 3 = Verbose logging

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